Environmental Materials

Environmental Materials (EMI) supports the beneficial recycling of industrial by-products such as coal fly ash, lime kiln dust (LKD), syn gyp and cement kiln dust (CKD).  EMI specializes in the marketing, sales, bulk storage and handling (hauling/transfer, unloading) of these materials.

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Key EMI Facts

  • EMI mainly supplies its coal fly ash product, ENVIRO DRY®, to the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to stabilize oil field waste during the land reclamation process.
  • Other beneficial recycling uses include: use as a substitute material for portland cement to make concrete stronger, mixing with native soils for road stabilization, mine reclamation, and more.
  • At EMI’s ash bagging facility, a 1 ton ENVIRO DRY® super sack bag can be filled in as fast as 35 seconds.  Up to 560 bags can be filled in 1 day!
  • Our ash blending system involves 2 silos that can mix fly ash based on customer specified requirements.  Customers can buy bagged or bulk fly ash.


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