Warren Transport Announces a 10 Year Contract Extension with Yellowstone Energy Limited Partnership

November 17, 2015

Warren Transport, Inc. and Yellowstone Energy Limited Partnership (also known as Billings Generation and Yellowstone Power Plant) recently signed a new 10 year contract extension.  Yellowstone Energy Limited Partnership (YELP) is owned by Rosebud Operating Services, Inc. and has been a wonderful Warren Transport customer for 20 years.  Warren Transport will continue to haul limestone to YELP’s Billings, MT facility from the Montana Limestone quarry in Warren, MT, located 80 miles south of Billings.  Once the limestone is received, YELP crushes it to the proper size to be used in its boilers to remove sulfur dioxide from the flue gas stream.  Warren Transport also hauls away YELP’s fly ash as part of this contract.

“We greatly appreciate the longstanding business from YELP and truly value the strong relationship that has developed over the years.  The management and staff at YELP are more than our customers, they’re our partners and friends.”  –  Jim Weaver, Warren Transport, CEO

“We share in Warren Transport’s excitement regarding the renewal of the limestone/ash transportation agreement.  I have been at Yellowstone Power Plant for eleven years now, and Warren Transport has always provided us with excellent service in this crucial aspect of our business.  I look forward to the continuation of this great relationship in the future.” – Dan Gray, YELP, Director of Operations

This contract extension couldn’t have been achieved without the excellent team of drivers who consistently do a tremendous job on this run.  Many thanks and much appreciation to WT’s Billings Branch on a job well done!

YELP is located at 2215 N. Frontage Road in Billings, MT – right next to WT’s headquarters where WT moved to in 1995, simultaneous to the beginning of a long-term contract with YELP.  YELP is a 65 gross megawatt fluidized bed boiler/steam electric power facility, firing fluid petroleum coke as fuel.