Warren Transport Customer Profile:  Pacific Steel & Recycling

November 25, 2014

Warren Transport’s relationship with Pacific Steel & Recycling began in 2013 when Warren Transport (WT) was hired to haul compressed car bales from Pacific Steel and Recycling (PS&R) plant locations throughout ND, SD, MT and WY to the Pacific Steel and Recycling Facility in Lockwood, MT.  Today, WT continues to haul hundreds of tons of compressed car and sorted metal bales on flatbed trailers for PS&R each month.  Once delivered at the Recycling Facility, the car bales are then shredded in massive metal grinders and shipped by rail to be recycled into new steel products.

A recent example of the strong teamwork between WT and PS&R occurred during August of 2014 when PS&R’s car baler broke down for 2.5 weeks at their Rapid City, SD location.  Due to the breakdown, 400 additional tons of metal needed to be moved immediately.  Trucks from WT’s Billings and Rapid City Branches combined their efforts, and worked overtime with PS&R personnel to quickly move the tonnage from Rapid City, SD to Billings, MT within a few days.  Following this combined team effort, Donna Vanek, PS & R Senior Transportation Coordinator said, “A huge thank you to all WT personnel for an outstanding job!  PS&R cannot thank you enough for all you do to help make our company successful!  We certainly appreciate the partnership between our two companies and look forward to another outstanding year!”  Les Flack, WT Rapid Branch Manager said, It is teamwork like this, along with Pacific Steel’s wonderful employees that make this job as enjoyable and possible.”

Interestingly, besides being the Senior Transportation Coordinator for PS&R, Vanek is also an important figure in Montana’s Transportation Industry serving as the 2013/14 President of  the Motor Carriers of Montana (MCM).  The United States trucking industry is competitive and tough due to heavy regulation and driver shortages. One of the most important missions of the MCM, and its approximately 530 members, as Vanek sees it, is to work with other state organizations to present a unified front to stand against the threat of industry overregulation.  MCM celebrated its 75th Anniversary at its annual convention in Billings, MT, that took place in September 2014.   WT is a huge supporter of MCM, and the convention was attended by WT employees – Daren Severson, Josh Wynia and Larry Trangsrud.

Pacific Steel & Recycling is a 100% employee-owned company that has been in business for over 120 years. Presently, it has branch offices in nine western states as well as Alberta, Canada.   PS&R’s workforce is approximately 800 employees.